Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My first night in the astral realm

I have always enjoyed the mystery of my dreams, taking me to worlds where everything felt familiar and comfortable. With the acceptation of a hand full of night terrors and some nightmares my dreams have always been relatively calm.

The day after my first and so far only experience with lsd I had a very strange energy that felt like it had attached itself to me. I dismissed it figuring that the feeling was just a side effect from the drug. After sharing my trip with my co-workers and friends and spending the rest of the day trying to re adjust to reality again i had finally made it to bed time. I was really excited to sleep, the night before felt like i never truly fell asleep more like i was floating in a empty black box and waking up feeling exactly like i did the night before. After getting the sheets right, kissing my girlfriend and puppy goodnight i closed my eyes and began to drift off into a deep slumber.

The next thing i can remember is waking up in a empty white room with only a door. Standing up i walked to the door opening it revealing a hallowed out wooden room. Nothing inside of it only wood and another door with beams of light penetrating through the window. Walking out side that door behind me now stood the most massive tree that my mind had ever even humored my mind. So tall that it penetrated the indigo
clouds and harboring hundreds of other plant life
occupying the thick bark.

Curious about this strange new planet i begin to wonder into the terrain. In front of this massive tree was a lake, with a purple hue and the stars from the night above reflecting across the water. Creatures playing in the distance, Fairy's, mushroom people, 2 headed squirrels but the size of a dog and rabbits wings roamed the land. Massive behemoth's walked to this lake filling their palms with water to feed the life outside of that which was habitable. The energy felt peaceful, like this is where i belong this is home and where i needed to be.
       Walking closer to this lake i felt a overwhelming attachment to the sun the planet orbited. The sensation of gravity was gone but everything else remained in place. I was being pulled closer and closer to the sun until i eventually was emerged inside of this bright gaseous ball of light.
         The next thing i knew was that i was floating infront of this entity where a blue aura attached itself between us. At first I was overwhelmed with emotion, as if i could feel the entire universe's creations inside of me. This feeling lasted for a very short time as the energy between us began to change frome blue to a hue of green. This began the flood of knowledge, everything that the universe is and ever will be was suddenly embedded in my mind. How the universe creates life, how to travel to these worlds where life exist, the mathematical inner workings to universal and dimensional travel. All of the information ever to be created was now accessible, any question i had answered immediately. The entity pulled me closer and closer until we began to merge into one unit.

   All of this was very overwhelming i now knew i could never return to the world which i came from. I could only spectate from a distance never to return to the vessel that once held my energy. Never to see my family or the people that i had loved. I built a bridge between my world and the earth, spectating from the clouds and watching as my former self became a slave to man made things, having a family and losing his life to a robbery at the bank he managed. I watched as his kids grew up, and their kids and so on until i eventually grew tired of these repetitive creatures and floated off into space.

I spent time traveling between worlds and dimensions
meeting creatures of all kinds. Leaf creatures that were delivered their children by giant pelican like birds to their family's in exchange for food and tummy rubs. Planets where elephants with giraffes necks could fly with wings the size of ants. Anything imaginable was out there for me to spectate and watch as if i created it for entertainment and not be alone.

As time passed the universe became inhabitable, black holes that scaled to unimaginable proportions sucking in all light until nothing remained. On the other side particals smashed into each other forming a exact copy of the universe
 before only with slightly different details.
Time had restarted and began to reform in a infinite loop.

It was finally time for me to rest. Traveling to the world which i woke from I began to tunnel to the center of the rock. I then began to turn myself into a seed, a seed that would eventually flood the entire planet with all the genetic information i had saved from the most unique life from all across the previous universe. Slowly i began to fade into the ball becoming it until everything became dark and no more.

I woke up from the dream in shock. My mind was exhausted and i felt so much different from the person i once was. Looking in the mirror my body remained the same, i was still this monkey looking thing that was known as a human. I could remember my dream but without the knowledge i once possessed or the power. I was just me again here on earth normal every day me.
 Nightly i have this dream, some things are different and some remain the same, i always wake up the next day and nothing is different. Some things feel different but still remain the same. In these dreams I am the dream on the other side. I am the dream for myself on the other side of this and my energy travels between me and me. Time no longer means a thing to me as these dreams go on for longer than time in this universe. Feeling old is at best a describing word for the depths of how long i truly feel like i have lived.

These dreams happen every night, i wake on the same world in the same tree just with different things happening before the end of the current universe. I observe different events and sometimes spend a part of my time mimicking their image and blending in with their society. Life has become very strange for me since acid for good and bad.

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